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As specialists in marine finance and boat loans, Jade Boat Loans assists boat buyers compare and source the cheapest finance to suit their requirements and their dream boat. Simply brief our expert team on the boat you’re interested in, and your financial situation and we do the rest and the best to obtain the cheapest option.

Our accreditations with 60+ banks and lenders including those that handle only marine finance provides us with the intel to source the cheapest options. We handle every application individually so you’ll receive a solution that has been tailored to suit your specific requirements. Getting ready to buy now? Call us for a no-obligation preliminary conversation or get straight into requesting a quote or submitting an application.

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Secured Boat Loans

The Secured Boat Loan is the most widely used type of loan as it is suitable for most boats and buyers and offers a very attractive interest rate. For most buyers, no additional security is required. The straightforward format makes this an ideal loan and our ability to source the cheapest rates and handle the process, make the approval process completely streamlined. Whether purchasing a recreational vessel or a work vessel, we offer a range of loans to suit all boats and all buyers.

We’ll work for you to source the best loan offer currently available, from across our vast lender panel of 60+ lenders. Our specialist brokers utilise their expertise, connections and bargaining power to secure the cheapest rates. That’s covering more lenders, more choices and more prospects of securing cheaper rates, better repayments and more amenable terms and conditions.

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Need a boat loan for a tinnie, cruiser, yacht, jet ski, or other types? Jade offers low rate boat loans for private and business buyers. Our broker-style service, industry experience, and bargaining power secure cheaper rates for you. Contact us for a hassle-free experience in arranging your low rate boat loan.

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Comparing Boat Finance

Most buyers will want to check out as many options as possible in order to be confident they have secured the cheapest boat loan deal. Smart and sensible, but do you realise how long that may take and how your credit score can be impacted by the process? There is an alternative which is smart and even more sensible – just call Jade.

We have access to loan products from many lenders and our expert team have the expertise and the industry-level resources to quickly match your profile and requirements with the lender offering you the best deal. But we don’t stop there. We then negotiate the rate and the loan term to ensure the solution is tailored for you.

Focussing on achieving the best boat finance for our customers and getting applications approved fast is our priority. Speak with us today to go through the options and realise how easy and beneficial it is to source boat finance through Jade.

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This calculator is solely for illustrative purposes and is intended as a guide. It relies on the information you provide and should not be considered a quote or a pre-qualification. The interest rate offered to you may vary from the one shown here, depending on your individual circumstances. Repayment figures do not account for any lender fees and charges.
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Choosing the Best Boat Loan

To be the ‘best’ boat finance, a loan should have the lowest interest rate but it must also work with your budget and financial circumstances today and over the full term of the loan. That can often mean securing a workable repayment structure by negotiating the loan term and possibly the loan amount. Some lenders have strict guidelines to adhere to when approving applications. By using our broker services, you have the an expert team negotiating direct with a 60+ strong lending panel to secure the best boat loan, especially for you.

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Getting a Better Boat Loan in Australia

Boat Finance Australia

Jade is an Australian-owned and operated marine finance broker-style lender and help buyers all over the country to source the best boat loans. We assist buyers in all the major cities including Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide as well as those in regional, rural and remote areas. It doesn’t matter where you are located or where the boat you’re buying is located, our expert team can assist with a cheaper boat loan. Read More…

Boat Finance Sydney

The strong boating culture in Sydney extends up and down the coast and inland to the extensive network of rivers and lakes. Whether it’s a yacht to sail the harbour or a cruiser for off-shore or riverine fishing or any other type of boat, we can assist with finance. If you’re located in Sydney and ready to buy a boat, call Jade for a finance quote. Read More….

Boat Finance Perth

The west coast offers amazing boating experiences and for buyers in Perth in the market for a boat loan, Jade can assist with the best deal. Secure your loan with our streamlined, stress-free service, secure your boat and head out into the amazing waters to enjoy. Contact us for the best deals on boat loans. Read More….

Boat Finance Melbourne

We work with boat buyers in and around Melbourne all the time, especially come Melbourne Boat Show Time. Whether their buying a yacht to sail Port Philip Bay or a trailer boat to take advantage of many of the recent ramp upgrades, we can assist with cheaper loans. If located in Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria, speak with us as the marine finance professionals. Read More…

Boat Finance Brisbane

Brisbane is just the start of what is a vast Queensland boating community. A community we support through working with many, many boat buyers to secure cheaper boat finance. Whether it’s for a business vessel or recreational vessel – possibly a jet ski or yacht to sail the Whitsundays or luxury cruiser to take in the Reef, we can assist.

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Jade Finance handles every loan individually, please feel free to contact us via email
or phone on 1300 000 008 to direct your specific issues to our consultants.

What term can I get for a boat loan?  FAQ Arrow

The term or length of the boat loan may be determined by a number of factors. Some lenders will have guidelines as to the maximum and minimum term they offer. The loan amount requested in relation to the value of the boat may also be taken into account. The term in conjunction with the loan amount and the interest rate determines the repayment. Lenders will assess the creditworthiness of the applicant and the amount requested in approving the term. Terms of up to 7 years are available through some lenders.

What does a boat loan calculator do?  FAQ Arrow

A boat loan calculator is provided as an online resource for users to calculate rough estimates of repayments based on whatever amounts they enter. These are generic tools and do not account for the individual aspects of the application such as credit score, financial situation and the amount requested. The calculator is useful as a rough guide to compare repayments on different boats and to get a rough estimate of repayments. Always read the disclaimer.

What interest rate will I get for a boat loan?  FAQ Arrow

The boat loan interest rates advertised by lenders are typically the best rates achievable. The rate will be for new boats and for applicants that have a good credit score. Lenders will assess individual applications for creditworthiness and consider the risk associated with the amount being requested in relation to the value of the boat and financial position and arrive at a rate offer.

Is there a boat loan for a jet ski?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. The general boat loan or marine finance sector typically covers all types of watercraft and boats. Some lenders may have specific types of boats that they do or do not finance. But there are lenders that provide loans for all types of watercraft including a jet ski and other brands of PWC.

Can I get approved for a boat loan before buying?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. This is referred to as a pre-approved boat loan. The application is submitted prior to a specific boat being selected for purchase. As the exact loan amount may not be known at that stage, applicants can submit the application for an estimated loan amount. Lenders will process the application through to the ‘approved’ stage and will provide a quote. When the purchase is made, the specific details of the loan are confirmed and any necessary amendments made.

Can I make extra payments on my boat loan and pay it off sooner?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. Additional payments are permitted on secured and unsecured loans. By making payments additional to the scheduled repayments, the loan will be finalised prior to the scheduled end of the loan term. Minimal break fees are payable when a loan is finalised early.

Can the boat and the trailer be included in the same boat loan?  FAQ Arrow

Some lenders will provide a boat loan which can cover the boat and trailer, boat and motor, and/or boat, motor and trailer. Many dealers sell boat and trailer packages. In order for both to be included in the loan, they would need to be purchased at the same time and preferably from the same seller.

What security is required with a secured boat loan?  FAQ Arrow

With a secured boat loan, the boat being purchase is the security or guarantee for the amount being borrowed. The boat must be accepted by the lender as acceptable security. For most buyers and loans, no further security by way of property or assets will be required.

Is boat financing available for houseboats?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. The availability of boat financing for houseboats will depend on the scope of individual banks and lenders. In general terms, boat finance covers all types boats – sail and power, including houseboats. If purchasing a used model, the age and condition will be assessed when the application is submitted.

Is the interest rate on a boat loan fixed or variable?  FAQ Arrow

The interest rate value and type is determined by the bank or lender. Lenders may offer a boat loan at a fixed or a variable interest rate. Most Secured Boat Loans are offered at a fixed interest rate. This means the rate remains the same over the complete loan term. Unsecured Personal Loans which can be used to purchase boats may be offered at a fixed or a variable interest rate.

Can the full purchase price be included in the boat loan?  FAQ Arrow

No deposit finance is when the entire purchase price is included as the total of the boat loan. This is available through some lenders and is subject to lender approval. Buyers may still be required to pay a deposit to the boat dealer or seller in order to secure the sale. In many instances, this is a ‘holding deposit’ which is returned to the buyer when the full price is finalised with the finance.

Are boat loans available for individuals with a bad credit rating?  FAQ Arrow

Reviewing the credit rating is an important part of the application assessment process by lenders. The credit score represents the creditworthiness of the applicant and the risk level to lenders. The credit score will impact the interest rate offered. Not all banks and finance companies will offer boat loans to applicants with bad credit. There are lenders that do and those that require this type of loan may benefit from the assistance of a marine finance broker.

What is required to apply for a boat loan?  FAQ Arrow

Boat loans for recreational vessels are considered consumer finance and regulated by laws by ASIC. Lenders must be licensed and follow the guidelines in relation to what they must request from applicants and the information they must provide to them. Applicants will need to provide details on the employment, residential status, financial position and other relevant details.

Is boat insurance required when buying with a boat loan?  FAQ Arrow

If a Secured Boat Loan is used to purchase the boat, comprehensive insurance will be required to be taken out. This a requirement of the lender. There are many options and insurers for marine insurance and buyers should check the detail to ensure they are covered for the areas and conditions in which they intend to use their boat.

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