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Cruise in Comfort with Affordable Houseboat Loan Options

Houseboats are perfect for a long, leisurely holiday or a recharging, relaxing weekend getaway.  While cruising on a houseboat is widely associated with hiring on a river or lake, the reality of owning your own presents many attractions to boaties over traditional craft. A more laid back cruising lifestyle, with a lot more space and without compromising on luxury. In addition, these crafts may present great value when purchased with our affordable lending options.

These types of watercraft are an ideal way to enjoy Australia’s extensive rivers, lakes, bays and coves and are available in many models. Specialist marine builders and manufacturers offer buyers a great selection when it comes to size, style, level of luxury and pricing. Jade Boat Loans offers buyers a great choice of lenders to ensure the finance will add that extra element of relaxation to every weekend getaway or holiday on your very own holiday-aboard craft.

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Compare Cheap HouseBoat Loans Interest Rates

We help marine buyers find the best credit offers from accredited banks and commercial credit providers. Our services ensure the cheapest interest rates for new and used crafts, with individual assessments for good and bad credit applicants. Contact our consultants for options and a hassle-free experience

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Streamline the Entire Process of HouseBoat Financing

As less popular vessels compared with trailerable half cabins, cruisers and many others, buyers may find it challenging to identify exactly which lenders offer credit for these craft. Banks, dealers, finance organisations and other credit options may shake their head when you describe the craft you’re buying. We don’t shake our head, we just nod ‘yes’ – no problem! Remove the challenge and confusion and simply present the solution – a cheaper credit offer. We’re a specialist marine lending broker service, offering credit for all types of boats through our accreditation with many lenders. Check out the big names and less well-known but equally important credit providers on our lending panel.

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This calculator is solely for illustrative purposes and is intended as a guide. It relies on the information you provide and should not be considered a quote or a pre-qualification. The interest rate offered to you may vary from the one shown here, depending on your individual circumstances. Repayment figures do not account for any lender fees and charges.
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More Choices, More Options, More Cheaper Rates

Having more choices is one of the key reasons we can achieve our cheaper rates. But we go beyond providing a lender selection for buyers to then research, contact and evaluate. We actually source and negotiate the cheapest offer and present it to you.

  • Individually sourced and negotiated offers.
  • Time-saving and hassle-saving service.
  • Licensed credit providers through ASIC.
  • Sourcing credit from more providers to offer more choice.
  • Accessing the cheapest boat loan rate and most affordable option.
  • Comprehensive credit service – sourcing, negotiation, application approval, assisting with paperwork, fast-tracking settlement.

Cheaper HouseBoat Finance for All Makes, Models, Designs from all Sellers

These crafts are available in many styles and models and can be purchased through a number of channels. All variations that we can provide credit to purchase.

  • Single and Multihulls,
  • Luxury, pontoon style craft, trailer able models, traditional designs.
  • Credit for river craft, lake vessels, canal craft lesb
  • Custom built vessels
  • New and used models
  • Dealer, marine broker, auction and private sale purchases
  • Private sale assistance with PPSR, registration and ownership ID checks

Quickly Calculate Estimated Repayments on House Boat Loans

To get started on planning your purchase, simply use our Rates and Repayments Calculator. It’s easy to use and a great way to get rough repayment estimates on any make, model or style, either custom-built or a stock item.

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Selecting the Appropriate HouseBoat Loan

We offer two main lending products for these funding types of recreational craft – secured and unsecured credit.

Secured Marine Loan

The most widely used type of credit for major purchases. Our secured option is structured to suit the specific requirements of boaters and their vessel purchases. The vessel is accepted by our lenders as the guarantee for the money loaned – the security. No other assets or property are typically required.

  • Fixed interest rate to ensure relaxing cruising through the credit term.
  • Fixed terms up to 7 years to spread the purchase price over a longer period.
  • Fixed repayments to facilitate ongoing budgeting for other expenses.
  • Suitable for new and many second-hand models in good condition.
  • Insurance required – ask us for contacts with specialist marine insurers.

When ordering a custom built model, speak with us about credit to work with the maker’s progress payment schedule.


Unsecured Personal Loans

In some circumstances, the vessel is not deemed acceptable security or not offered. This may be due to the condition of the vessel or when being purchased in a share arrangement. Sharing ownership of these types of crafts can be very popular and make the purchase more affordable.

But in such situations, offering half or a share of the vessel as security would not be appropriate.

  • Negotiated cheap interest rates at fixed or variable rates.
  • Attractive terms to achieve target repayments.

These loans are intended for recreational vessels. If you have intentions or plans to purchase the vessel for commercial purposes or for permanent living aboard, the funding, registration and insurance may be different.

For commercial purpose purchases speak with us about Chattel Mortgage funding and other cheap interest rate options.

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Jade Finance handles every loan individually, please feel free to contact us via email
or phone on 1300 000 008 to direct your specific issues to our consultants.

Can you live on a vessel purchased with a houseboat loan?  FAQ Arrow

The loans offered by marine credit lenders are typically for vessels purchased for recreational purposes. Vessels purchased as a residence may require a different form of lending.

Are HouseBoat Loans available for custom-built models?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. Lending is available for all types and styles of the river and lake craft including new, used and custom-built designs.

Can extra items such as safety equipment be included in a HouseBoat Loan?   FAQ Arrow

Extras can be included in the total amount under certain conditions and subject to lender approval. As a general guide, the items must be purchased at the same time as the vessel and from the sale seller. Items purchased after a credit arrangement is settled usually cannot be added in.

Can the entire purchase price be included in the HouseBoat Financing  FAQ Arrow

No deposit credit is for including the entire purchase price in the funding. This is available and is subject to lender approval of the total amount requested and the application assessment.

What is the interest rate for HouseBoat Finance?  FAQ Arrow

Interest rates will vary across the lender market and for individual applicants. Rates advertised are for new vessels and applicants with a good credit profile. Applicants will be quoted a confirmed rate following an assessment of their application.

Are House Boat Loans the same as loans for other boats?  FAQ Arrow

The same credit products are offered for river and lake-style vessels as for cruisers, yachts, PWCs and other vessels. A Secured Credit Product is the most popular for new and many second-hand goods. Unsecured Personal Credit products are available where the secured option is not suitable.

Can I get a House Boat Loan approved before I make the buying decision?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. Credit applications can be submitted prior to the commitment to purchase. The total amount required can be estimated at that stage for approval purposes and finalised when the sale is settled. Pre-approved credit has a timeframe after which the offer expires and would need to be re-quoted if required at a later date.

What is the most popular loan for House Boat Finance?  FAQ Arrow

The Secured Marine Credit is the most widely-used product for the purchase of new watercraft of all types. With this product, the vessel is accepted as suitable security against the money loaned. The borrower repays the credit in equal monthly repayments over a fixed credit term.

Is House Boat Financing available when buying a share in the boat with others?  FAQ Arrow

When purchasing a vessel as a share in a form of partnership or consortium, a secured credit product may not be suitable. Buyers can consider an unsecured personal credit product for this purpose.

Need Extras and Accessories in Your House Boat Financing? Speak with us about what we can approve.

When purchasing these types of vessels, dealers may offer a wide range of extras and safety equipment such as life jackets will be required by law. Your Jade consultant can in many instances include many of these additional expenses in the same funding arrangement, when acquired in conjunction with the craft. Check with us first as to what can be included.


No Deposit House Boat Loan

No deposit options are available, subject to lender approval. This allows buyers to include the full purchase price of their vessel in the total amount borrowed. Easing budget pressures and leaving extra in the kitty for holiday activities.

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