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Cheaper Jetski Loans for All Makes and Models

Specialists in the marine funding sector, we understand and appreciate what PWC riders want when it comes to needing money to purchase a new model. We provide options for all makes and models.

  • New and used PWC credit products.
  • Lending for all brands – Sea Doo, Kawasaki, Yamaha Waverunner.
  • All models – 1,2,3 seater, fishing styles.
  • Off-shore, pro, recreational, racing models.
  • PWC only and PWC + Trailer Options
  • Credit for dealer and privately purchased machines.
  • Pre-approved options to prepare to purchase at auction, pre-release and at boat shows.  
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Marine Funding Solutions for PWC Riders

Simply answer the questions that follow to see if you qualify:

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Comparing Jetski Loan Interest Rates

The interest rate is the key contributor to the cost of credit. Cheaper rates mean cheaper credit means a lower cost for the purchase. Rates vary with credit products and lenders. 

Before revving up to compare interest rates on personal watercraft lending products, it is important that customers fully understand exactly what they are comparing to make fully-informed decisions.

  • Lenders will display their best rate for brand new PWC models.
  • Cheapest rates typically apply to good credit score applicants.
  • Comparison Rate is required to be shown by law. It relates to the credit offered for the example as noted, after some of the charges and fees have been added to the loan amount and interest.
  • Rates can be variable or fixed, depending on credit product and lender.
  • Variable interest rates change when the lender changes rates, usually in line with Reserve Bank decisions.
  • Fixed interest rates remain unchanged over the full credit term.  
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Greater Connectivity with Immediate Access Jet Ski Loans Across the Market

Water craft credit products are offered through a range of lenders, but not all will display a specific PWC funding option. The type of product, the rate and the conditions can all vary.

Banks and other credit providers often include boat and other water craft funding in a personal secured credit product. May not be specifically structured to suit PWC buyers, trailers and extras may not always be included.

Convenient but dealer and manufacturer credit may not be the cheapest as through a third party or offer the most flexible conditions.

Specialist marine and water craft lender, Jade, has connectivity with multiple lenders through accreditation and professional, expert, financial sector status. We save buyers a lot of time by quickly connecting with a large swathe of the market and acquiring the cheapest offer directly.

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Using a Broker for Cheaper Jetski Financing – Responsive

Our broker services are readily available to all PWC buyers, across Australia. We are set-up to be immediately responsive to requests for calls and pride ourselves on our impressive record for achieving cheaper rates and cheaper offers.

  • Leverage to bargain with lenders gained through experience and decades in the sector.
  • Negotiating skill and power and the right lender connections to get action on rates and terms.
  • Fast connectivity for cheap rates, fast quotes and faster approvals.
  • Work to meet your deadlines – critical when PWC stocks are limited.
  • Manoeuvrability to tailor terms and repayments and include extras including trailer.
  • Rego and PPSR checks on used PWCs.
  • Assistance with marine insurance.
  • Fully licensed credit provider with skilled, expert and fully-qualified consultants.
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This calculator is solely for illustrative purposes and is intended as a guide. It relies on the information you provide and should not be considered a quote or a pre-qualification. The interest rate offered to you may vary from the one shown here, depending on your individual circumstances. Repayment figures do not account for any lender fees and charges.
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Jet Ski Financing for Pre-orders

All makes and models of pleasure craft have been in high demand recently. To secure stock, buyers need to be in a position to say YES to pre-order or secure limited stock. 

We offer the option to get approved for PWC credit ahead of the purchase. It’s easy, attracts the same rates and is on a no obligation basis.

Calculating Jet Ski Loans to Make Buying Decisions

Deciding which model can come down to the cost of the credit. Use our calculator to quickly work up estimated repayments on all makes and models being considered. Free to use, online access and an essential buying tool. 

Manoeuvrability - include Trailer & Safety Equipment in the Jet Ski Loan

Many PWC buyers will of course need a trailer, if they don’t already own one that is. Jade provides the convenient option of including the cost of the trailer plus other equipment such as life jackets in the same credit product. Speak with us about the possibility of this option for your purchase.

To ease pressure on existing funds, no deposit options are also available.

  • Include the full price in the funding – no deposit option.
  • Terms negotiated to hit repayment targets.

Get Approved Today for Jet Ski Finance

Supply chains are easing for some manufacturers. So get in fast and get approved today!

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Comprehensive Loan Options for Jetski Finance

Whether you’re buying a new or used machine for recreational, racing or professional purposes, we have a credit product to suit the purchase.

Secured Jetski Loan

  • Widely suited especially for new models and many second-hand models.
  • No additional security usually required.
  • Fixed rates, fixed terms, fixed repayments.
  • Terms up to 7 years available.
  • No deposit option.


Unsecured Personal Loans

  • When the PWC not acceptable security.
  • Cheap rates available – fixed and variable options.
  • Negotiated terms to achieve repayment objectives.

Bad Credit Jet Ski Loans

Not available through all lenders but we are happy to source  and negotiate the cheapest options.

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Jade Finance handles every loan individually, please feel free to contact us via email
or phone on 1300 000 008 to direct your specific issues to our consultants.

Can the trailer be included in the jetski loan?   FAQ Arrow

When the trailer and PWC are purchased as a package deal, lenders may approve the cost of both be included in the same credit arrangement.

What is involved in applying for jetski loans?  FAQ Arrow

A boat or PWC licence is not required to apply for consumer credit. The applicant must be over 18 under the law to apply for consumer credit. Applications can be completed over the phone or online, depending on the lender. A range of personal information and details must be provided as designated by regulations.

Is jetski finance available for all PWCs?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. Credit via secured or unsecured products is available for all manufacturers models both new and used. Funding rates and products for used machines can differ from those offered for new models. The rate and conditions offered will primarily be based on the applicant not the PWC.

What loans are available for jet ski financing?  FAQ Arrow

Secured PWC Credit is the most suitable product for brand new models and many second hand machines. Unsecured funding products are also available. Rates, terms and conditions vary for each product.

What interest rate will I be offered on jet ski finance?  FAQ Arrow

The interest rate offered is determined primarily through an assessment of the creditworthiness of the applicant. This involves a review of the credit profile and rating. Better rates are offered to those with a higher credit score. The rates advertised by lenders will, unless stated otherwise, refer to brand new PWCs and for higher credit score applicants. A specific quote would need to be requested to confirm the interest rate applicable for an individual applicant.

Can the entire PWC purchase price be included in jet ski loans?  FAQ Arrow

Subject to lender approval and availability, no deposit options are offered to include the full price in the credit arrangement. Additional items such as the trailer may also be included.

I want to pre-order a model, can I get a jet ski loan ahead of time?   FAQ Arrow

Yes. Applications can be submitted prior to confirming a purchase. The amount required can be estimated and finalised when the exact purchase price is known.

Are jet ski financing estimates available to compare PWC prices?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. Buyers can utilise an online credit calculator to obtain rough estimates on repayments. Being mindful that the rate offered may be different from the rate displayed; rates may change over time; the total amount required may change with price increases on new models.

High performance, power, manoeuvrability, supercharged action, responsive and class-leading features and connectivity. That is what many personal watercraft buyers put on the top of their wish lists when comparing makes and models. Where credit is required to make the purchase, the same attributes should also be expected from the lender and the credit product. 

Jade Boat Loans has access to a large number of lenders in the jetski finance market to provide buyers with access to cheaper rates, cheaper credit and high-performance lender services.

  • Power to negotiate cheaper rates
  • Manoeuvrability to tailor terms, repayments and conditions.
  • Class-leading levels of service to deliver cheaper offers.
  • High-performance to respond quickly to get customers approved faster to capture limited stock models.

We’re not simply a reference site for comparing the market for interest rates. Jade is a specialist in  providing a complete and comprehensive service in accessing the cheapest rates on the market, sourcing offers and delivering the cheapest credit option to your inbox or phone.

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