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Sailing is a very popular recreational activity enjoyed by many Australians on both inland waterways and coastal locations. Securing cheaper rates for a cheaper sailboat loan through Jade can make owning your own boat more accessible for more sailors.

If you’ve always crewed for someone else while harbouring thoughts of being at the skipper’s helm yourself, see how our cheaper rates could make that ownership dream a reality. Referring to our lender comparison table, it’s easy to see how much Jade can save you with our cheaper rates.

Don’t be fooled by small incremental differences in interest rates. By using this table as an estimating calculator as a guide, you can immediately see how our cheaper rates can save you every month in lower repayments.

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From Crew to Skipper with Jade to Secure Your Sailboat Loan

Think of your Jade consultant as your essential crew member as you sail towards ownership. As a specialist marine lending broker, we have the essential skills and connections to achieve cheaper rates and lower repayments.

Many banks and credit companies offer credit products to fund purchases of all types of watercraft – those powered by engines and by the wind. But some of these products will be generic personal credit products, not specifically for marine purchases.

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Securing the Cheapest Interest Rates on Sailboat Financing

As specialists in this market, we do offer products that are specifically intended for watercraft.

As you can see from the table, rates vary across the market. Jade’s role in working for you, is to source and negotiate the cheapest rate available.

The rates displayed are for good credit applicants and for new vessels. We negotiate directly on behalf of our customers to secure the cheapest rates.

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More Lenders, Cheaper Rates, Lower Repayments

We are accredited with a huge number of lenders which give us the edge in ensuring we have secured you the cheapest available rate which means lower monthly repayments and increased affordability.

Accreditation provides us with the right to source and negotiate with those lenders for credit for our customers. A right which we maximise to ensure we achieve the cheapest possible outcome.

We handle credit applications for buyers of all types of vessels in the sailing category:-

  • Single and multihull sailboat loans
  • Racing and recreational vessel finance
  • Trailerable sailboat loans
  • Finance for wide range of sailboat lengths
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This calculator is solely for illustrative purposes and is intended as a guide. It relies on the information you provide and should not be considered a quote or a pre-qualification. The interest rate offered to you may vary from the one shown here, depending on your individual circumstances. Repayment figures do not account for any lender fees and charges.
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Customer Choice of Secured and Unsecured Sailboat Loans

We offer both secured and unsecured options to ensure we have a solution for all buyers and all vessels. Specifics of the vessel and/or the purchase can determine which is the most suitable form of credit.

Affordable Secured Sailboat Loans

The most widely-used form of consumer credit for major purchases, this product allows for the vessel to be the security for the money borrowed. Especially suited to new vessel purchases and used watercraft in good condition. The condition is assessed by the lender in regard to suitability as security.

  • Fixed cheaper rates
  • Fixed terms up to 7 years
  • Fixed repayments
  • No deposit loans

Flexible Unsecured Loan Options

Where the lender does not accept the vessel as security, buyers can opt for our Personal Unsecured Credit. This may suit older boats, restoration projects and where an amount less than the full purchase price is required.

  • Variable or Fixed Interest Rates
  • Flexible Repayment Schedules 

Sailboat Loans for Buying a Share in a Vessel

Sharing ownership with friends and family can present a very appealing and affordable way to own a watercraft. In these instances, it is often not appropriate for the finance applicant to offer the vessel as the security for their funding commitment.

An Unsecured Personal Credit product can be well-suited for this type of purchase. Speak with us about how we can structure the credit to suit you and your co-owners.

Options to Include Extras in Sailboat Loans

Working with a broker such as Jade offers buyers many benefits including flexibility. Your Jade consultant is negotiating your credit directly with our industry-level lender contacts. That enables us to have greater flexibility than many other lenders and compared with where buyers handle their own credit application.

This flexibility allows our consultants to include many of the accessories required to operate a sailing vessel in the total amount requested. This is subject to the purchase timing and seller of the items.

  • Trailer and sailboat combination loan packages
  • Vessel and sails finance packages.
  • Options to include safety gear and other accessories in the loan.
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Calculating Financing for Sailboats before Getting Approved

If credit repayments are a major deciding factor for buyers, use our repayments calculator to work up estimates based on purchase price of any number of vessels you like.

Loan for Sailboats – New and Used, All Classes

Sailing craft are available in a wide range of classes, lengths and for varying recreational and competition purposes. Some lenders will have minimum credit amount guidelines. Due to our large number of lenders, we have more options to source funding to suit more types of vessels.

  • New and Used Watercraft
  • All leading builders and manufacturers – locally made and imported
  • Custom-built models
  • Trailerable models
  • Large and small classess
  • Single and Multihulls
  • Competition, racing and recreational models

Streamlined Sailboat Finance When Buying from All Sellers

We handle applications for credit for customers purchasing from all sources and offer many special benefits to streamline the process and in many cases, add an extra level of buyer safety.

  • Private boat sales – assistance with PPSR and other checks, validations and verifications
  • Get a cheaper quote from Jade before buying from a dealer with credit
  • Get approved before heading to auction to buy
  • Pre-approval for ordering at boating shows

Apply Now for Finance for Sailboats – Quick Quotes, Fast Approvals!

Promote yourself to owner-skipper faster with Jade handling your credit application and approval!

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Jade Finance handles every loan individually, please feel free to contact us via email
or phone on 1300 000 008 to direct your specific issues to our consultants.

What are the most popular types of sailboat loans?  FAQ Arrow

The Secured Sailboat Credit product is the most widely used for new models and used vessels in good condition. Unsecured personal credit is available where the vessel is not suitable security.

Do you need a boating licence to apply for a sailboat loan?  FAQ Arrow

No. Holding a boating licence is not a pre-requisite for eligibility to apply for marine credit.

Is sailboat financing available for multihull yachts?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. Marine credit is available for all types of sailing craft including multihull models.

Will the sailboat finance cover the entire purchase price?  FAQ Arrow

No deposit credit is available through some lenders and subject to an assessment of the individual credit application. This allows for the full purchase price to be included in the credit total.

What is required to apply for a loan for sailboats?  FAQ Arrow

Applicants for consumer credit in Australia must be over the age of 18 years. Details on income, employment, residential situation, financial position, assets and liabilities form part of the application process.

Is finance for sailboats available for competition class models?  FAQ Arrow

Many buyers use recreational vessels to compete at club level in racing and competitive events. These types would generally be eligible for funding. Acceptance of the vessel as suitable security and the total amount requested are subject to lender approvals.

How can I get an estimate on financing for sailboats prior to purchase?  FAQ Arrow

Using a marine lending calculator provides potential buyers with the tools to calculate rough repayment estimates. These are generic tools and not intended as quotes or offers. Refer to the disclaimer.

Can I get approved for a sailboat loan before making the purchase?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. Pre-approved credit is available through most lenders. The total amount is estimated for the pre-approval purpose and finalised when the specific purchase details are known.

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